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During the Palaeozoic, gamers played straight-up Evolution. By the Late Cretaceous, they were playing Evolution: Flight. During the Anthropocene, they started playing Evolution: Climate. This game and its expansions open upon many worlds.

Click through for PDF versions to print.


These player aids are formatted to fit the small Climate Conversion Kit box because... that's how I roll**.  I can fit the base game, Climate, and the Plant micro-expansion (and a few of my fave promos) in this box.

(**Note: the box for Evolution is not actually packing too much air. It comes with a great insert. Without the insert it easily fits every bit of Evolution ever evolved. However, I printed my own copy of the game and don't own the original box.)

Print double-sided on letter-sized stock and trim the grey borders.

BONUS: a smaller version of the Plant micro-expansion rules!