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Play old Dust Tactics missions with new Version 2 rules.

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Blue Thunder Rides Again!

Operation Blue Thunder is a great introduction to Dust Tactics. Here it is adjusted for play with V2 rules.

I built the armies included in the original core set (165 AP) with V2 units (65 AP) and came up with an AP conversion of .4 (more or less). Scenarios have also been adjusted for length because of the greater mobility of V2 units.

I haven't converted later campaigns yet, but you can use the .4 multiplier to adjust them too.

  • Operation Blue Thunder - skirmish in Antarctica
  • Operation Cyclone - counter-attack in Antarctica
  • Operation SeeLöwe - invasion of Scotland (with Zombies!)
  • The Victory Bridge - bridge battle in Southampton
  • Operation Cerberus - urban warfare in southern England
  • Operation Zverograd - all out urban warfare with air support
  • Operation Hades - claustophobic battle in the sewers under Zverograd
  • Operation Icarus - an airfield raid outside of Zverograd
  • Operation Achilles - bunker assault at Zverograd Terminus